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Latest release by Rashda M.

A curious Type 1 diabetic girl wearing a pump on her arm

Sneak Peek of "Think Big"


About Me

The author, Rashda M.

Hello there - I am Rashda, a committed math teacher with valuable expertise in the field. Throughout my career my passion has always revolved around 4 key areas; Parenting, Healthy living, Instilling a growth mindset & Fostering a love for mathematics.

I am particularly passionate about promoting a growth mindset, as i believe that it plays a vital role in shaping not only our approach to learning math but also our overall attitude towards challenges in life.

Embracing a growth mind set has the power to transform difficulties into opportunities for growth and development. I believe reading children growth mindset books from an early age plays a key role in developing their mental faculties. 

This story and visuals effectively cater to the primary audience intended for the narrative. Teachers and parents can readily utilize the provided suggestions with the accompanying guide, a crucial inclusion to
promote the book as a teaching tool that encourages young children to take risks and validate their emotions. It fosters meaningful talking points and commendably shares something deeply personal with
honesty, demonstrating courage in taking risks.

Nicole Saumier (Resource and classroom teacher)

In the News

Peace Arch News

A Surrey resident’s newest book Think Big aims to fill a gap in children’s literature representing Type 1 Diabetes.

After her daughter was diagnosed with the condition, Rashda Munawar sought to incorporate subtle inclusion to the story.....

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