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"Tiny Triumphs on Ice: : Nurturing a Growth Mindset in kids" (May 1, 2023 (10:00 AM)

Updated: Jan 11

Today marked Sophia's inaugural venture into the world of skating at the age of 3.5. As we both suited up for this icy floor odyssey, a mix of excitement and nerves filled the air.

Parent Participation Lessons:

Sophia, a tad nervous, curiously asked, "Mama, what are we going to do in skating?" A seemingly tough question for a young mind.

Mama: "We are going to be NERVOUS."       

Sophia: a bit surprised

Mama: "We are going to be EXCITED."

Sophia: "WHAT!"

Mama: "We are going to CRY."

Sophia: a puzzled expression

Mama: "And we are going to be HAPPY!"

Mama: "And we are going to 🤔"

Sophia: anticipating the next revelation

Mama: "FALL DOWN."

Sophia: wide-eyed

Mama: "And then we are going to 🤔"

Sophia: "GET UP."

Mama: "We are going to be TIRED!"

Sophia: "We are going to LEARN."

Mama: "And that is what we are going to do, my doll. 😊"

Sophia: nodding in understanding "Yh, now I know."

Next Lesson:

Sophia: "Mama, can we do the song 'We are going to'? I LIKE THAT."

Lesson Learned:

Today's skating adventure taught us a valuable lesson: Always remind your kids that "IT'S OK TO NOT BE OK." Today's trip to the ice rink was more than just skating fun – it was a big lesson for Sophia and me. We discovered that it's absolutely okay to feel a bit off sometimes. Whether we were spinning happily or taking a tumble, we learned that both parts are okay. It's like saying, "It's fine if things don't always go smoothly." And you know what? In those moments, we found out that there's joy in learning and getting better. So, cheers to more lessons, both on the ice and in our everyday adventures!

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