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Embracing the Math Mindset through Everyday Adventures!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Hey friends! Just had to share this adorable camping moment that turned into a math-filled journey with my little explorer, Faarah!

While we were out in nature, Faarah transformed our berry-picking into a berry-selling escapade. She had her prices set – $5 for the big, juicy berries and $3 for the smaller ones. When I asked her about the cost of 3 big berries and 2 small ones, she dove into the challenge and calculated it all out like a pro! It's incredible to witness a first grader's excitement for math.

Of course, I managed to sneak in a request for a discount (who wouldn't? ), but the real gem here is discovering math in the most unexpected places. Math isn't just in textbooks; it's woven into our everyday lives, and it can be super fun too!

Remember, teaching financial literacy from an early age sets our kids up for a bright future. Let's keep our eyes peeled for these playful chances to sprinkle math into their lives. Learning knows no bounds – it's a lifelong journey!

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